About Us

Baltzell Sheet Metal is a gutter and downspout installation company serving Portland, Oregon and its surrounding areas, including SW Washington.   We install gutters and downspouts for homeowners and contractors throughout the area.  At Baltzell Sheet Metal, we supply gutters for replacement, remodeling, new construction and commercial projects.  We offer a variety of styles, install them ourselves and stand behind our work.  We endeavor to do the job right the first time.

Baltzell Sheet Metal has been around for over 50 years.  The business was started by Percy Baltzell back in the 1950's under the name Tropic Heating and Gutter Installation.  He created the box-bottom fascia gutter, which has become a mainstay here in the Northwest.  Naturally, we have been installing box-bottom fascia gutter for decades, on every style of house around.  Mr. Baltzell's son, Dwight, took over the business in 1974.  By this time we were exclusively installing gutter so we changed our name to Baltzell Sheet Metal.  Gus Calhoun starting working for the Baltzells in 1972 as a gutter installer.  He purchased the business in 1980 and has been operating it since that time.  When it comes to gutters, Gus is an expert you can trust to help you select the best gutter style and options for your job.