DOWNSPOUTS – We offer 3 styles of downspouts. Whatever style you choose, you can be assured that we use the proper size outlet to fit the downspout. If you order large downspouts, the outlets will also be large.

Available styles

PLAIN-SQUARE DOWNSPOUTS – Plain-square downspouts offer a traditional look. With their plain, flat sides and sharp angled elbows, they compliment our two fascia styles of gutter. Our plain-square downspouts are steel and come in two sizes. The standard plain-square downspout measures 1-3/4” x 2-3/4” and is 28-gauge steel. The larger plain square is 3” x 4” and is 26-gauge steel. We stock primed, white, and musket brown. Other colors are available.

CORRUGATED DOWNSPOUTS – As the name implies, corrugated downspouts have parallel ridges and grooves. The elbows are rounded and are less likely to clog if you will have a lot of debris going down the downspout. Our corrugated downspouts are aluminum. We stock white or musket brown. Other colors are available. Standard corrugated downspouts are 2” x 3”. Larger 3” x 4” are also available.

ROUND DOWNSPOUTS – Round downspouts offer another distinctive look.   They are made of steel and the standard size is 3-inch round.