OUR GUTTER – Our gutters are made of steel and are continuous no-seam gutters.   We run the gutter out at the jobsite. We are the original maker and supplier of the box-bottom fascia style. Our standard gutters are 26-gauge steel. However, we can also install heavier, 24-gauge steel, in the box-bottom fascia and 6-inch K-styles.

Available materials

PRE-PAINTED STEEL – The metal we use for our gutters has a S.M.P. (Silicone modified polyester) finish on both sides. SMP pre-painted steel is a high quality painted steel product with many uses in the building trades. It has a life expectancy of 30+ years with routine maintenance and is highly durable. It offers superior weather resistance and gloss retention. We stock primed, white, and musket brown gutter and downspouts. Other colors are available.

ZINCALUME is a great metal to use for an unpainted modern or industrial look. It has a handsome, silvery matte finish. Zincalume is 45% zinc/ 55% aluminum alloy applied by a continuous hot dip coating process. It combines the strength of steel with the corrosion resistance of aluminum. It has a lifetime of up to 4 times that of ordinary galvanized steel. We can run Zincalume in all four of our gutter styles.

COPPER – Copper is not only valued for its superior durability, but for it’s unique ability to add beauty and style to your home. You will never need to paint them, and many people like the patina that forms on the copper after several years. Although copper gutters are more expensive than standard gutters, they will add value and character to your home for years to come. We are able to run out copper gutters in all of our styles.